Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sun Protection for Outdoor Workers

Every year thousands of people spend long days working in the sun. If you or a loved one work in the sun, you need to know the facts. Those who work outdoors or those who spend their summer days outdoors are prime candidates for developing not only unattractive brown skin lesions but also actinic keritosis and skin cancer.  The reality is the longer you are exposed to the sun, the higher the risk for developing some form of skin cancer. 
Every year more than 3.5 MILLION cases of basal and squamous cell cancers are diagnosed. Although not fatal, the treatment is uncomfortable and can be disfiguring. Melanoma is the cancer that kills.  In 2014 there are expected to be over 76,000 new cases of melanoma diagnosed. From these there will be over 9700 deaths. This is very sad considering skin cancers are very preventable. 
Wearing loose fitting or UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) clothing and or hats.  Each year more of these products are available on the market so there are a lot of choices.  If you feel you cannot afford to protect yourself with this consider the cost, both financial and physical, of developing skin cancer. Another option might be to put up some sort of canopy over the work area - not an easy thing for say the construction industry but industry has overcome bigger challenges.  
The other big thing is to use SPF daily and have it available to re-apply several times as needed to protect a burn or replace that which has lost its effectiveness due to perspiration or rubbing.  Shop around and find one that doesn't have any greasy feel and is easy to apply - two big complaints.  Those that work outdoors need to reapply every two hours. Web MD notes that the spray form is flammable so should not be applied while smoking or near heat or an open flame. 
Those you love may grouse over these recommendations, but the life they can protect and save is their own.

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