Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dynamic Duo for Acne

ENW's Ultimate Scrub is a popular gentle way to fight skin problems.  It is a less irritating scrub than products with stripping agents, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid or vitamin A.  Depending on your skin, use Ultimate Scrub two to five times weekly.  For some people this isn't quite enough but harsh acne products irritate their skin.  Try ENW's  Zinc & Sulfur Mask.  The Zinc & Sulfur mask is a clay base to absorb excess oil.  Zinc is an excellent healing agent and the sulfur helps destroy the bacteria that causes acne breakouts.

Use tips:
1) Oily skin?  Apply a coat of the mask when you get up in the morning.  Let it sit for 5 minutes - good time for a quick 5 minute workout (dancing, walking, stretching all good).  Now take your shower and use the Ultimate Scrub to assist in removal.  Your skin will feel smoother and non-oily longer during the day. Ladies will find makeup goes on nicer using this technique.

2) Hormonal spots or a deeper painful bump?  Apply a little Zinc and Sulfur mask directly on the spot.  Let dry. Now put an ice cube in a baggie and hold it directly over the problem area for 3-5 minutes.  Do this for a day or two and the inflammation will be greatly reduced and it may even resolve without ever coming to the surface. Using a little Ultimate Scrub will facilitate removal of the mask.

3) Out of control breakout?  Try applying Zinc and Sulfur mask to the problem area (this works great for backs or chest).  While it is still damp, apply a layer of plastic wrap over the mask.  As the mask dries it will help hold the plastic in place.  Now catch some zzzs.  Wearing a t-shirt or other night shirt can help keep the plastic from shifting.  In the morning, shower off using Ultimate Scrub to facilitate removal.

Note: Sun exposure does not improve acne.  It just darkens the skin making the redness show less. But it can also dry the skin entrapping impactions.  Sun exposure will also give you early wrinkles, brown spots and increase the risk of skin cancer.  Pick a sun care product designed for your type of skin.  For oily or problem skins I recommend Mark Lees Essential Daily Protection.  For intensive sun exposure try TiZo.

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