Friday, March 28, 2014

Brow Designing

Whether you are a consumer or a skin care specialist, most of us are familiar with brow waxing. It is a tidying up of the brow area removing extraneous hair. Brow designing is this and a lot more.  Well shaped brows frame the eyes in the same way your hairstyle frames your face.  The right style makes the most of your features while the wrong style can make you look out of balance or proportion.  The brows play up your eyes.  There are actually mathematical formulas for creating the best balanced brows and we can thank Leonardo daVinci for creating them.  His formulas used in his paintings and in the sculpture of Michelangelo and others have stood the test of time for ageless beauty. We still use them today.  These formulas help you or your technician avoid the rogue’s gallery of infamous eyebrows that make you look sad, surprised, scowling or older than your years. Because when we look in the mirror we see a 2-dimensional image rather than the reality of the 3-dimensional curve it is very beneficial to have someone else assist with the designing as opposed to doing it yourself.   Once shaped if the brows need makeup there are numerous products from the Sty’lo pens that allow you to fill in individual hair strokes to the Brow Design Kits from Cirepil complete with stencils for a quick and professionally groomed look.

In a brow design session the brows are evaluated along with the bone structure and personal preferences. Once the evaluation is complete, then the technician and the client work together to design a brow that will look good today, tomorrow and for years to come.  Other brow challenges like skimpy brows, missing brows, graying brows, and directional hair growth problems and their solutions can also be explored to find the answers that might be best for the individual client. Whatever the client’s preferences, your professional can show you how to make the best of your brows.  Whether you need hair removal, trimming, brow makeup or permanent cosmetics, the answers are there.  Is it time for you or your clients to “spring” into a new look with brow designing?

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