Friday, January 19, 2018

Skip the Resolutions

Skip the Resolutions... try this instead

Every year millions of us make resolutions designed to make our lives better. Every year, most of
those resolutions get abandoned. Not because we didn't want them. Some are unrealistic, others not measurable.

If you're like me, maybe those resolutions try to achieve too much, too fast. A few months into the year with at least one of those resolutions missed, we simply forget the rest.

This year, try something different. I've found it works much better and is easier to stick with.

Instead of resolutions, try goals.
These goals create a plan that's designed to ensure success. These aren't just any goals... they are SMART goals.

SMART is an anacronym for five things that make a goal strong... Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic and Time-bound.

SMART goals clarify your ideas and focus your efforts so you have a better chance at achieving them... and getting the rewards you want.

SMART goals meet five criteria:

Specific... Your goal must be clear and specific. Not that you want to make more money next year. Instead, set a goal to add 5 new clients per month for repeat services. Maybe they buy a package of treatments or services and get a bonus.

Measurable... Your goal should be measurable by an explicit quantity. It can be in dollar amounts, percentages or number of clients. The example above includes a specific number of clients and a package each would buy. The revenue from the package gives us a specific dollar amount.

Action-Oriented... It must be achievable, realistic and not overly ambitious. Winning $100K in Vegas is not an attainable, actionable goal. But winning five new clients each buying a package each month is.

Realistic... Five new clients each month buying the designated package may be aggressive. But it is possible. Landing five clients each week is not as realistic. Some months or weeks you might manage it, but keep it attainable and enjoy the bonuses.

Time-bound... You need a fixed starting and ending date, or something done over a specific period of time. Consider 30, 60, 90, or 180 days time frames. A goal of five new clients in 30, or if you choose, 60 days is specific and a SMART goal.

Once you have defined your smart goal.... write it down. Put it on your calendar. Post it on your bathroom mirror.

Next break your goal into small objectives.

To achieve your goal may need little steps that will take you closer to your goal. Write down these objectives in the order they need to be completed and assign each one a deadline... put them on your calendar.

Let's use our five new clients with a special five treatment package. Do you know how to perform that treatment? If so, great. If not... that becomes objective number one and needs a specific deadline.

The next objective might be... How are you going to bring these new clients in? Are you going to email clients who have gone dormant?

Are you going to target specific groups in your area who might like that specific treatment? Will you visit them and do a presentation? Invite them in for a private event? Join a networking group? Are you going to do a social media promotion? What, how, when. Be specific and put it on your calendar.

What can you offer?

Are you a wax diva? Do you specialize in Cirepil wax experiences? Maybe you avoid being the cheap quicky waxer that send clients out the door red and sticky.

Lash specialist? A peel queen? Is microdermabrasion is your thing. Your package will be most effective if it relates to what makes you unique. You need to be special from everyone else out there. Your package needs to be something that will catch their attention.

It doesn't matter what kind of calendar you use. A wall calendar, a desk calendar, your cell phone calendar. I use Google Calendar. You just need to identify each step, give it a deadline and get it posted.

Make sure your calendar is easily accessed. Check your tasks every day and your objectives every month to make sure you are on track. If you need to adjust a deadline, do it. But don't let yourself make excuses for not sticking to your plan.

What SMART goal will you achieve in 2018?

Take some time today to think about it, write it down. Note the objectives it will take to achieve it. Remember to make your goal SMART: specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-bound.

Take some time this week to jump-start your year. Set one goal, start at least one action toward achieving your goal. Don't let time slip away and months pass by leaving your dreams in the dust.

What is one thing you can do right now to jump-start your year? I hope you have an incredible 2018!!!!

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