Friday, July 14, 2017

Wax like a boss part 4

A Client Etiquette Guide can build your waxing success.  
Happy waxing
We are the professionals and our clients depend on us for guidance. Many waxing Divas have found these tips speed up the service, create better client experiences and prevent treatment room surprises.  You may want to make a guest handout that covers the following so the client will know what to expect.

1) Remind them to hydrate  
 When we are hydrated, the skin is more plumped and hair removal is easier. You might want to consider mini-bottles of water. Or set up a cooler with water, ice and sliced fruit for a refreshing summer treat. If this is on their Etiquette Guide, they can prepare ahead and drink more water.

2) Cleansing wipes for every bikini/brazilian client
We can't control what the client has been doing before they came in for their wax. Nor can we control what they may not have thought of.  But we can solve the issue by having individual personal wipe packets that can be discretely handed to every intimate waxing client upon check in. Invite them to use the restroom and freshen up. This will speed up the service as you won't have to stand and wait for them to take care of this on their way back to your room.

3) Remind them not to shave between services. 
This will cause more breakage or hairs that are too short for removal and a less successful treatment. If it is obvious that they didn't follow this guide, be sure to gently remind them of the probable issues.

4) Try to schedule visits for immediately following their period.
This is the most comfortable time for waxing. The current guidelines are if a client does come in for waxing but is on their period it's okay to wax them.  It may be a little more uncomfortable but for busy waxers, it really can mess wit the work schedule.  They may have to wait two weeks or more to get back in.  On the etiquette sheet include instructions to please insert a fresh tampon prior to waxing and to be sure the technician knows so they can avoid catching the string.

5) Remind client to avoid pools or hot tubs for 24 hours.  
This reduces the risk for any bacteria entering the freshly waxed skin. Note: this should include rivers and lakes or public water sources.

6) Exfoliate regularly at home
Regular exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hair problems.  If clients are prone to ingrown hairs suggest they purchase an ingrown hair treatment product.

May these secrets add to your personal success. Go wax like a Diva!!!

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