Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What Makes You Unique?

What Makes You Unique?
This is a question many estheticians and spas can't answer.  But for the success of your business, it's an important thing to figure out.
Your uniqueness makes you a little different from your competition. It is your Unique Selling Point. It is the basis for your brand.  You can use it for all your marketing.  You can build your business around it. You can use it as a tool to build your business quicker and faster. 
So what does make you different?  Start with a blank piece of paper. First make a list of what you see as your strengths and weaknesses. Then take another sheet and make a list down the side of competing businesses near you.  Across the top make some columns: offers, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities.
Visit each business's website and Facebook page.  If they don't have one - that is a weakness. Write no web or no Facebook in the weakness column.  
What services do they offer? Note these on your chart.  What are their strengths?  Do they have long hours?  Do they work evenings, early mornings? How do clients make appointments? Are they service oriented or experience oriented? Who is their target market? Do they even have one? Make lots of notes.
Then go back and look at your business.  How do you compare?  What do, or could you do, that they aren't? These are opportunities. Note possibilities in the opportunity column. 
Is there something no one in your area is offering? Is it something you know clients want? Is it something that could bring them back regularly? You could make this your unique offering.
Sit down with your favorite hot beverage (it is cold outside for most of us). With a fresh piece of paper, think about the service or part of the industry you are most passionate about. Jot this down.  Is it something you can convert to being unique?  Is it something that will attract clients?  Explore possibilities.
What kind of client would it attract?  Who are they? Where do they live? What is their age? Male or female? This is your dream client. Maybe you already have one. Describe them in as much detail as you can.  
How do they find out about you?  Do they read the paper? Facebook? Instagram? Google searches? Are they locals? Visitors? This gives you marketing clues.
Having trouble figuring it out? Email me. Coaching is what I do.

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