Sunday, October 30, 2016

Offer Value Instead of Discounts

With all the specials and sales out there sometimes our gut reaction to stay competitive is to discount services. This isn't always the best thing for your business.  

Whether you are a sole practitioner or clinic owner, labor is your most expensive cost. Discounting services can painfully cut into your take home pay. Your net profit on your business.  But there is another way to attract and keep clients. Instead of discounting offer enhanced value.  

For waxing services make it a treatment, an experience rather than just a wax. Take that extra two or three minutes to prep the skin and to soothe and restore following the wax. Clients will appreciate the extra TLC and they way their skin feels when they leave. 

With facial treatments you could include the declotte as a bonus, or offer a hand/arm treatment while the client is masking.  Microdermabrasions treatments might include an enzyme therapy for a double exfoliation or a specialty finishing mask.

You might consider purchasing travel sizes of your favorite body lotion. Apply some of the lotion for the hand/arm treatment and send the rest home with a client.  An added bonus, a value and she/he may love the lotion and purchase the retail size for home care.

The holidays are a great time to offer gift certificates for specific value added treatments. If you have an iPad or laptop available, create a short video that showcases your special for guests to watch while they wait. 

Value bonuses not discounts may be your path to holiday marketing.

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