Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We love LightStim!

LightStim is a manufacturer of LED products dedicated to naturally enhance the appearance of the skin.  We use them professionally in the treatment room and we retail them to clients for daily home use (the MOST effective technique).  "LightStim is the #1 LED light used by Licensed Skin Care Professionals across the United States today!"

LED technology is safe, non-invasive and with few contraindications.  Using LED enhances the effectiveness of skin care products and noticeably improves results.  They are offered in three key formats: Anti-Aging, Acne and Rosacea.   Why do they work so well?  Because all skin cells have chromophores - color receptors in them.  These receptors react to the colored light and trigger a skin response.  Different colors of the spectrum trigger different responses, healing, inflammation reduction, or increased cellular activity which naturally increases collagen and elastin production.

The Rosacea light helps to relieve skin suffering from small bumps, blemishes and redness especially when used with soothing products designed to help control Rosacea. Its combination of red, infrared and medical grade blue LED work to reduce redness and calm the skin.

The Acne Light helps to kill acne causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and redness. Regular use results in clearer skin.
The Anti-Aging Light uses amber, red and infrared LED lights to enhance collagen and elastin production making the skin feel firmer, more toned and with a more youthful radiance.
For more details visit: http://www.estheticsnw.com/lightstim_light_therapy.htm.

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