Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wax like a boss Part 2

Select the right wax...

Waxing like a boss is about selecting the right wax for each client's needs. It's about offering more than the client expects. It requires lots of practice. And it's about building confidence and professional customer rapport.

Let's talk about wax selection.  Cirepil makes lots of different waxes so you can have the just right one to match with each client's unique needs. But selecting the right wax can get confusing.

Cirepil's waxes form two groups, strip, and non-strip 
or stripless.

Strip waxes:
  • Always come in a tin.
  • You apply the wax, press a strip on top of it and remove with as low an angle as possible.
  • Are great for large areas.
Crystal Ocean is a beautiful pale blue transparent gel formula. It is great for sensitive skin and all hair types. This hypoallergenic formula is good for speed waxing.
Cirepil Ease is the classic original although the formula got an update last year. It's a creamy formula that works well on fine hair and speed waxing.
Cirepil Forte is for tough resistant hair. Forte means "strong" in French. This honey textured wax is designed for large areas.
Nacre Blanche is a pearly white unscented formula. Great for all skins including sensitive. It works particularly well for short coarse hair.
Cirepil Vegetale is a 100% plant based formula. This makes it the perfect choice for "green" salons wanting an all natural product. It works on all skin and hair types.

Stripless waxes:
  • Come in beads you can add to your tin as needed.
  • Only the blue is available also in a tin.
  • Empty tins are available here: http://www.estheticsnw.com/products/empty_wax_tin_400g.htm
  • The wax is applied leaving a lip at the pulling edge and removed without a strip.
  • Great for faces, underarms, bikini and Brazilian
Cirepil Blue is our most popular stripless wax. It is suitable for all skin and hair types. It is an all around formula that allows you time to work with it.
Cirepil Homme means "man" in French. This deep aquamarine wax is great for chest, back and bikini. Has an ultra-fluid texture and neutral scent. Handles their sensitive skin and resistive hair.
Cirepil Eurose is an unscented wax suitable for all skin and hair types. It's creamy, goes on at a low temperature and gets all the hair.
Cirepil Cristalline is a hypoallergenic wax for sensitive skins. Delicate orange sherbert color it works on fine and all hair types.
Intimate 4 is a pale aqua colored bead. It works for all skin types and formulated for Brazilian waxing. A creamy formula, it has a quick setup time for quicker waxing.
Euroblonde is newer to the US market but the number one wax in Europe. Cirepil recommends it for all areas. Good for heavy legs, bikinis, and large areas. It has a very quick setup and fluid honey like texture. Suitable for speed waxing. Can apply in long strips for large body areas.
Cirepil Cashmere is a brand new stripless wax.  Made of a new patented high-performance material it is hypoallergenic and optimize hair removal. Smooth texture, pearly mauve color, delicate non-allergen powdery scent. Precise removal with reinforced effectiveness. Good for first time waxing, sensitive skins, and young adults.

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