Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hard wax verses soft wax... which is best?

Waxes come in two choices. Hard waxes and soft waxes.

Hard waxes come in tins and pellets or blocks. Apply, allow to set, then peel off. No strip allows you to contour application to the anatomy of the body. This is useful for nooks, crannies and that tricky detail work. 

Hard waxes/ non-strip, generally go on at a lower temperature than a strip wax. This makes them more gentle to sensitive skins and intimate areas.  

Soft waxes come only in tins. Once warmed, apply then lay a strip on top. Press strip into the wax, then remove.  In most cases soft waxes/strip waxes are applied more thin than non-strip.  

Strip waxes are best for speed waxing. Apply the over a large area then remove working from one edge of the wax to the other.  

The super thin application of a strip wax makes it more cost effective for large areas. For those working only with non-strip waxes adjust your pricing. Non-strip wax will take more time and use more wax for large areas.

A full leg non-strip wax is typically twice the price of a strip wax for the same service. But, if the client has sensitivities, they are happy to have this option.

Some facilities prefer to use only a strip wax.  This single wax philosophy dates back to the 80s when there weren't the choices that there are today. It makes ordering and stocking simple.  It takes less space in the treatment room.

But today is about offering more than just a service.  It is about offering a custom experience tailored to the client's needs. Today's clients want choices. Offering a diversity of waxes or wax options is key to happy, repeat customers.

Size matters. For example, Cirepil Blue MSRP for 400 grams tins are approximately $5.35 per 100 grams.  If you buy the 800 gram size, the price drops to $4.85 per 100 grams. Purchasing the blue in the 3750 gram size, the price drops to $4.00 per 100 grams.  And of course, with your member discount or buying by the case can save you even more.

If you do a lot of waxing, buying larger sizes will have a definite impact on your bottom line.

Strip waxes don't come in different sizes.  They are sold in the tin as they would not hold their shape and would melt in hot weather. Look for the opportunity to save money when buying multiple tins, or buy a case.  Yes, the case has a lot of tins in it. Store it in a cool, dry place and there is really no expiration. 

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