Friday, July 10, 2015

Give your summer bling!

As a professional esthetician and a cosmetic tattoo technician I believe in the power of image so always try to look nice for my clients.  But since I grew my hair out, I have run into the issue of hair control. How to look styling, professional and keep it out of my way.  After much trial and error I stumbled onto the world of headbands.  But many headbands are uncomfortable, pinch, bind, or slip out of position - or damage hair growth.  Through part research and part luck I stumbled on a fabulous answer.  I found a company that comes from the beauty industry and understood hair control problems and the issues of staying looking current while being comfortable.  After wearing one I became a devotee of Pink Pewter.  They are so comfortable and sooooo cute.

Their styles are diverse from narrow beaded multi-color bands to intriguing bling in a diversity of materials, patterns, widths and styles.  I knew quickly I needed to share them with you my clients and my colleagues in the beauty and permanent cosmetic industry.

Quantities are limited but more styles and colors will come as we learn what you are looking for. Casual, fashion and yes, wedding styles are available. Some are convertible and can be worn as a headband, pony tail ring or bracelet. (Talk about multi-tasking!)  If there is something special you are looking for let me know.  

And what makes it even sweeter? Pink Pewter has a fabulous Care and Repair Program to fix any item that becomes damaged. Visit the Pink Pewter category page for more information about the company. Visit the item pages for information on their products and how to wear them multiple ways. 

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