Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Favorite wax support products

Favorite wax support products

Judith Culp, CIDESCO, NCEA Certified

Every esthetician has their own favorite tips and tricks with support products to make waxing go easier and faster; or to reduce redness and sensitivities. The following are some of my personal favorites.

Pre-depilatory oil:
This product is great for those dry areas of the body. Think legs in the winter. For best waxing results don’t use too much oil. A little goes a long way. Goal: To lubricate the skin so wax only sticks to the hair and facilitates removal. Avoid using on warm/moist areas of the skin such as bikini as it may complicate hair removal.

Blue lotion:
This is a great antiseptic lotion that may be used to pre-cleanse the area and also to disinfect it post-waxing. Doesn’t sting and helps reduce redness. It should be a standard in all treatment rooms.
Baby corn starch:.
Due to talc allergies, I never use talc in the clinic. Instead head for the baby department of your local drug store and pick up some baby powder made with cornstarch. If the client has more oily skin, or I am in a humid environment, I dust on a very thin coat prior to waxing. If using Cirepil Blue and the wax wants to stay tacky, I apply another dusting on top of the applied wax. This makes the wax "set-up" and come off cleanly.

Instant Calm:

Need a major redness reducer, this is it!! I love it for all our treatment room emergencies. I’ve even used it on insect bites with amazing quick results. It is available in a 1 ounce pump bottle that lasts quite a while. Look in the skin care products at www.estheticsnw.com Key ingredients are white tea and sea-whip in an oil free serum.

Bikini Saver  - Hovan's GoldThere are several products available on the market to help deal with post waxing bumps and ingrown hairs. I think I’ve tried most of them and unfortunately, many sting. This product is based with tea tree and salicylic. It exfoliates to keep the follicle open and allow the new hair out and disinfects to kill bacteria. – NO STING. The secret is applying just a tiny amount of the cream to the waxed area. I demonstrate its use to clients after their waxing and then sell them the product to continue to use at home. I find it works great for legs, underarms and bikinis if used on a regular basis. Use the Bikini Saver or Gold cream for small areas and the Lotion for large ones.

Happy waxing & we’d love to hear your favorite tips to. You can send them to

judy@estheticsnw.com If we use your tip, we’ll be sure to list your salon name and contact information.

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